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Cooking From Your Home

By: Elaine Everest - Updated: 22 Aug 2020 | comments*Discuss
Working From Home Cooking Equipment

Working from home when you are in the catering trade can be a help especially if you have a young family to take care of. But there are considerations to be made being undertaking this venture.


Do you have a big kitchen? Could you earn a living cooking from your home? The idea of earning a living from home is always tempting. When you have a family to work around and do not have the opportunity to undertake a job outside the home you may have no option but to work for yourself.

However, cooking in your own home can have problems and these should be considered before starting a new business.


If you are hoping to cater for events large and small you will have to calculate how you can cater with just a home style oven and cooking equipment. Would you have to purchase more cooking accessories in order to run your business? Where would you store them, do you have a spare room for this purpose?

Obtaining an order for a party buffet for one hundred people could well be a boost to your income but this size of catering will be a big undertaking. You will need days of cooking and preparation before the order id packed off the client.

In between cooking for your business and doing all the other tasks associated with working from home you will have to care for your family and this includes cooking their meals. To purchase a take away rather than cook is not only irresponsible but expensive and will eat into your income from your cooking.

Health and Safety

Just because you work from home does not mean you can avoid health and safety issues. You must adopt the same business like attitude when cooking and working from home that you would when cooking in a professional kitchen.

If your children are used to playing around your feet while you cook this would be considered a health problem as would family pets and other quite normal household activities.

Do you have separate hand washing facilities, what about food storage and cold room requirements? In recent time’s health and safety regulation have clamped down on people cooking and working in their homes and if you are in doubt regulations you should contact your local council about hygiene regulations.

Cooking Accessories

Cooking equipment and accessories can take up a lot of space when working from home. If this is a problem why not see if there are premises in the area you could rent for your work? If not and your business can afford it you may be able to build an extension to your home for a large kitchen area and an office. Better still is there any chance you could change a room such as the garage into a kitchen?


When working from your home you still have to have a businesslike approach to your work. This includes your paperwork and your public appearance. Where will clients meet you to discuss their requirements? Will it be with the children playing and the television turned up loud in your living room or will you have to visit clients in their homes?

What about the telephone, who will answer it? If your family are in the habit of answering all the calls you have to remind yourself that it is very unprofessional for a young child to answer a business call – especially when clients are hiring you for your business skills and intend to spend a lot of money with you.

Perhaps a separate telephone line with an answering machine would be ideal plus a room as your office where young people are banned from entering. Being a good cook is not enough reason to start working from home especially of you have a busy home life.

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Would a seperate fridge/freezer in the garage be allowed as the walls and floors in the garage are not currently a suitable material .The food would be prepared in the kitchen and then stored in the garage fridge.
simochef - 22-Aug-20 @ 4:18 PM
@Bee - I'd ask someone to come and give you a quote for some work. They will tell you how much it would cost to get your garage renovated, but also even if you didn't get the work done at least it would give you some ideas :)
Patsy^B - 18-Oct-16 @ 11:19 AM
Hi I love cooking but also have a small kitchen but have a garage and have a freezer and junk in there what would I need to put work tops and two basins or just use as a storage room thanks
Bee - 17-Oct-16 @ 12:26 PM
hey i really want to start a cartering business fro home but like everyone else i have a small kitchen and one fridge frezzer. i went to collage to be a chef and worked many years in the kitchen so i have the food safety cert. i love cooking for other people and always wanted to do this.
otoole - 13-Jul-12 @ 6:55 PM
Hi Gilly,I'm in the same boat - I havent done aything yet. This is just an idea for me at the moment. I think Food Safety Certificate is the best thing to have as a starter for ten and contact your local council to register. I've got a fairly small kitche so I'm unsure how to get started - I have a single oven and only one fridge freezer. Willing to give this a go though! Will be starting off small. Don't be put off by others / other websites. the success of your business will be dependent on you.
Louise - 28-Jun-12 @ 1:35 PM
Hi Julia You have really inspired me to think about going into catering I have been thinking about it for ages.Now I am pregnant and will be a stay at home mum.OTher websites and posts appear to be so negative and try and put you off.Im only interested in starting small scale.There is a market for lunches where I am so I am looking into that?I have a garage with a fridge in like yourself but I only have a single oven and my kitchen is not that big but its big enough for what I have in mind.I have nothing yet Im aware I have to do a food and hygiene certificate,Are the online ones sufficient enough?What else will I need to do.Your help will be much appreciated :-)
Gilly - 21-Jun-12 @ 11:51 AM
We started our small catering business about 6 months ago and have been cooking all the food at home. We've found it works well for us. We have two double ovens which we use to cook the meats ect and we've got a large catering fridge in our garage which we store the buffet in once it's prepared. We usually cater for around 80 - 150 people and we keep the buffet pretty simple and buy in bulk form the likes of costco. I'd recommend giving it a go, we were usure at first but we're glad we did it now as we're making a decent profit.
Julia - 18-May-12 @ 4:42 PM
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